About Us

Authentic Worldwide Notes has been in this line of business for over 9 years with proven track records of good business practices online. That is why we are not only a company that print counterfeit money for sale , it’s also a place where all your needs for fake money are met with trust worthy partners .

We have been the best company online that actually sell 100% undetectable counterfeit money worldwide . Authentic Worldwide Notes have gained grounds recently because of how true we are to our customers in the world.  We treat all our customers with care and caution so that all their needs will be fulfilled. We print over 150 currencies around the world and our notes are just the best. We have been the top producers of high quality banknotes in the world that can confidently compete with the original notes. If you have been hearing about Us, then it therefore means that, you are at the right place


We established this kind of business was because of the high level of financial constrain which people where unable to meet up with their basics needs . Recently, citizens of the world are facing high level of poverty which they are unable to pay their bills like, hospital bills, house rent etc.  Businesses are crumbling, persistent crisis around the world, lack of jobs, lack of financial capital to start up a good business and high level of debts.

Do not worry because Authentic Worldwide Notes is here to wipe out all these difficulties by producing you with fake money for sale which you can use them in any store or shop without any worries of being caught. So if you are caught up being unable to meet up with your financial needs, then you can contact us now to get your notes at a very low rates. To know about Us can be the one of the best thing that can happen to any investor out there


Us at Authentic Worldwide Notes, we manufacture top-notch counterfeit bills without missing any single feature on them that stand out to be the best in the world market of counterfeit money.  Authentic Worldwide Notes have established a well plant engineering ,cutting-edge technology, web application and high-tech solutions that is capable of printing banknotes with all the security features of each country’s currency in the world.

These notes are perfectly crafted  with all security features to make sure that, our customers in the  world are safe when using them. Our notes can be use in many places like shops, stores, supper market, political events, gaming shops, ATM and even in Banks because of all the security features which we have implemented. All our notes have been tested and have pass pen test, water test, mark test, and UV light test and .


We have been doing both large and extra large orders to companies seeking for finance to run their businesses. So you can reach out to us to place your order as well. With Authentic Worldwide Notes, all your personal information is very safe because customer’s privacy is one of out top priorities in this business. And again , we do not save customers private information  in our servers.  Our bills also are perfectly printed to avoid our customers being caught anywhere.

We never reveal our client’s details to anyone. You can rest assured that your sensitive information won’t be used anywhere except for processing your order. We make all the deliveries at the mentioned address by our clients without fail and provide them with their requirements in a proper manner. You can also rest assured that your delivery will be direct and secure.

Eligibility to buy counterfeit money from our website. To be able to buy fake money online from our website, you should be 18 years old. It is safe to buy counterfeit money online, Ordering counterfeit banknotes online from our website is highly safe and secured. So if you are finding the best way to order, just contact us and give us the type of currency and the  denominations, we will proceed from there. Prices of the product.

Our website does not mention the product’s price, so if you want to know the price of specific products you want, you will first need to notify us to provide you with the complete information. Once you contact us, we will immediately send you the reply with the price list of your requirements to you. You need to tell us the quantity you want to get from us to purchase the product.